Wednesday, August 12, 2020

The Air we Breathe


The physical condition of the body can never be better than the condition of the air one breaths. At each inspiration, the breath of life enters the body to build new cells and at each expiration, the breath of death leaves the body with its load of dead cells. The breath of death is composed of dead cells leaving the body in gaseous form. The expired air should not be breathed again. If it is the dead cell gases enter the body, not to vitalize but to vitiate it.

If the inspired airs contaminated with deadly gases of disintegrated cells the process of cell replacement becomes that if cell poisoning. Then the breath of life actually and becomes the breath of death. Ancients mastermind the black breath of death and taught their disciples to visualize it as black shot a stream in which all the evil of the mind and body all weaknesses and infirmities flow from the organism.

Doors and windows should always be open and bedclothes and pillows should be daily paired.

By nature, man is a tropical being and not adapted to the cold zone. Man is made to live in the open air and sunshine with birds and animals. If this law is violated the penalty must be paid.

The conditions of the body depend upon the condition of the blood and the condition of the blood depends upon the condition of the air we breathe, the fluids we drink and the food we eat.

As the blood remains active and normal so the conditions of the body are. 

Valiant Thor

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