Friday, June 26, 2020

Vaccines and the Power of Adaptation

The doctor is trained to group the symptoms together, give them names diagnosis and term then diseases that may kill the patient if not teared and cured by the administration of poisons falsely called medicine.
Medical art is ignorant of the way the immunizing poisons affect the body. They weaken the vital body by dulling the nerves. That weakened decreased vitality makes the body unable to react actutely to the damaging internal poisons.

The immunized body is now too weak to throw off these poisons in the reaction called acute disease and so the acute disease has been conquered and the medical science has won another victory in the “war on disease”.
But what are the actual facts?
These poisons now remain in the immunized and weakened body corrode internal organs and in due time develop dangerous chronic disorders that baffle medical science.
The ultimate result is that instead of a kid having measles mumps or chicken pox at the age of six or seven and thus eliminating the damaging internal poisons they remain in the body and the adult dies of cancer or diabetes when he is 35 or 40.
Medical art admits that chronic disorders are on the increase but claim it is because of people are living longer. That is another medical falsehood and another exhibition of medical ignorance.
Provision is the power of selective adaptation which is operative in both the Conscious and Subconscious departments of the body.
Adaptation involves selection, and the power of selection places the body on the plane of mind.
The ultimate act of Mind is the rejection of the present materials of supply which imply the qualities of intelligence sensation and volition.
The living organism is self conserving in the highest degree. There is reason and purpose in all of its structures and functions. It is not necessary to give poisons called medicine to the sick that would never be given to the healthy person.
People live because of the power of selective adaptation which is operative in the Conscious and Subconscious departments of the body.

The God Men Universal Intelligence, reincarnation and the continuing g existence of human beings throughout the cosmic cycle By Valiant Thor

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