Thursday, September 17, 2020

The Science of Living


In the book  “Book of  Vril How to Live Long and Prosper.” Valiant Thor explains: ”Bad health so-called disease is the effect of transgressing the law and causing the creative process to work in the direction of destruction as it strives to save the body from threatening danger.”

The science of living is as simple and certain as the science of corn production.  The farmer knows all the requirements and proceeds accordingly.  Before he prepares the land he knows that when the weather is good, the soil is good and when the seeds are good, the crop will be good. No guesswork no speculation all science.

Good health is just as certain; when the conditions are good health is present. Living healthy is not only a science but an exact science. Nothing is left to accident and chance, to doctors and drugs, to tests and experiments. It involves not a study of medicine and disease, of rats and mice.  It involves only a study of the conditions that produce good health.

The science of living is not a subject to progress. It does not change nor grow obsolete but is always up to date. It is the same now as when man first comes to earth and will be the same when the last man leaves. It is fixed positive and eternal.

We are purposely misled by propaganda about progress. When we work with cosmic law there is no progress. For progress, means change; and cosmic law never changes. What medical art calls progress means discarding a useless method for a new one which in time proves to be no better. So progress goes on and gets nowhere. The race is progressing backward from bad to worse. We must reverse to living in harmony with the requirements of cosmic law and all other things came with improved health.

If the man lived within the law the land where he is made to live he would never be sick and he would live a thousand years. But that will ruin all the institutions that live and thrive on human misery.

Man lives in every climate, he is subject to all kinds of evil influences and indulges in every sort of habit. Regardless of how well man lives or how good his habits, the condition of his body can be no better than the condition of his environment.

Remove a fish from a stream and put it in a tub of water and see how soon he dies unless the water is often changed. Why because the fish consume the oxygen in the water and pollutes the water with the poisons emanates from his body. The polluted water soon kills the fish. Man lives all winter in the cold zones in a heated box where the killing cold makes the adequate ventilation impracticable. The inside air is soon badly polluted with the fumes of cooking, tobacco smoke and filthy emanating of his body and breath.

Man dies slowly because of the polluted environment.

An adult poisons nearly a barrel full of air at each exhalation.  He breathes the same air over and over again all winter in his home. The results are colds coughs, sore throats, mumps measles, scarlet fever chickenpox,  smallpox influenza pneumonia and early death.

This is all a mystery to medical art.

The man was created mortal a condition in which somatic death or eternal physical life was a possibility depending upon his conduct whether he obeyed or disobeyed the law.

Man is destroyed by his environment and by his bad habits.


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