Friday, June 19, 2020

Salt Eating

When diseased hearts are unable to pump enough blood to the kidney those organs fail to excrete the body's surplus fluids and it congests tissue of feet, legs and ankles swell with retained water, a gallon or more may accumulate in the abdomen or chest.

The blood is a valve, not a pump. It is a great central valve on the blood vascular system regulating the blood flow, not pumping blood.
The accumulation of excess water in the body is not due to the diseased heart is due to salt eating. In the fight against water death doctors, today rely on kidney stimulating drugs rated as major medical discovery. That is pure propaganda.
To correct the condition eliminate salt. That would leave no place for doctors.
Salt accumulated in the body, water was also accumulated to lessen the irritation of the salt. The tissues of the body were holding the salt.
Salt is so stable that it is not dissolved and utilized by the body. It is ingested as salt it is excreted as salt.
As the salt is absorbed by the body cells they contract from the irritation and discharge their precious albumen and other vital elements.
Thus causes hardened arteries tissues, shrivelled blood corpuscles,  arthritis, and produces the state called old age.
Today we mummify the living body with salad dressing made of salt oils and spices and see them walking the streets.  Their dry skin, shrunken bodies, and hardened blood vessels, livers, kidneys, and muscles.
The American Indians never eat salt when they were discovered by the white man.
Stomach ulcers and some cases of blindness are due to salt. Glaucoma is one of the most prevalent and serious eye alignments.
In the normal eye, a thick fluid flows into and out of the eye at a constant rate.
I glaucoma exit channels for the fluid become blocked by the waterlogged state of the body. Internal pressure rise. Vision becomes distorted. A rainbow halo appears around lights. If not relieved the pressure continues to rise, producing pain in time the optic nerve terminals are destroyed and blindness follows due to salt eating.
The main cause of not congestive heart failure is salt eating.
The cause of mental and physical deficiency is mainly due to the retention of the salt and water in the body.
Many suffer from hidden edema due to salt. The common symptoms of this condition swelling of the ankles. Salt retention hypersensitivity of the skin, thickness skin folds and fat deposits are interrelated.

Extract from the book
Valiant Thor's Book of Vril How to Live Long and Prosper. By Valiant Thor

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