Crystal wands can be used for their therapeutic and healing properties. They come in a variety of crystals and each shape has its own unique uses and properties. While some wands are used for rituals and incantations, they also have some very practical everyday uses. Here are some tips on how to choose and use crystal wands.


How to choose a crystal wand

If you are choosing a wand for yourself or to use on someone else, the same principle applies. A simple test to see if a crystal is right for you or not is to hold it in your hand. If your breathing slows down and you feel relaxed, then this is a great crystal for you. If your breath shortens, then try another crystal until you find one that feels calming.


Another test is the pendulum method. Hold the crystal wand in your hand while standing up with both feet flat on the ground. With your eyes closed, ask the question to yourself “Is this the right crystal for me”. If you find yourself tilting forward, that means ‘yes’. If you find yourself tilting backwards, that is a no. And no movement is usually neutral.


Working with the energy centres of the body

Wands are effective when working on the energetic and etheric levels of the body. The simplest way to work with wands on this level is to activate and balance the 7 chakra system. There is no physical contact with the body in this method so it is a great introduction for someone who is not used to energy work. Starting at the base chakra, spiral the wand in a clockwise motion to activate and balance this centre. Continue until you feel this chakra is balanced and move on to the next one until you have balanced all 7 chakras. This is a very simple yet effective way to use crystal wands to balance the body.


How do you know an energy centre is balances? If it feels like it is complete then it usually is. Or use the pendulum method. Hold the wand over the centre and ask if that energy centre is balanced.


Tip: try placing crystals on each chakra point while balancing with the wand. This can further enhance the intensity and effectiveness of the balance.


For those who feel a little more adventurous, try tracing over the meridian lines of the body. Click here to learn more about using crystal wands with meridians.


Relax with reflexology

This method only takes 2-3 minutes and is based on the spinal zones of the hand in reflexology. It can bring relief in stressful situations and can be done on yourself or another person. Trace the crystal wand directly on the skin from the tip of the thumb. After doing the same to the other hand, you can try a basic unblocking of the brain stem by creating a circular motion at the base of the thumb followed by a zig zag motion as pictured. This helps the nervous system to function well and brings relaxation to the body. This is just one of a myriad of ways you can use crystal wands with reflexology.


Crystal wands for massage

As well as being an effective tool for reflexology, wands are gaining popularity in facial and body massage. Crystal curved wands, rounded wands, massage wands and palm stones are all popular choices. Especially in Clear QuartzRose Quartz, and Amethyst.


Curved wands are perfect for massaging the face and body. You could also try facial massage with heart and palm shaped crystals.


For Gua Sha massage or ‘scraping massage’, crystal oval slices are an excellent choice.


Amplify your crystal grids

Some people who are new to gridding may not be aware of this activation tip. Once you have placed your crystals in your preferred grid style, use your crystal wand to activate it. Simply trace along your grid from the centre crystal. With the intention to activate it and also your intention for the grid. This helps the grid crystals to guide the energy where you want it to go.

Grid Heart-2

Popular Crystal Wands

Rose Quartz – the energy of love and self-care. Great to use for facial massage and reflexology.

Amethyst – the energy of tranquillity and harmony. Good to use for the entire body and grids.

Clear Quartz – the master healer. Good for any use including gridding.

Jasper – general wellbeing. Reflexology and energy work.

Tiger Eye – for activating courage and resilience. Reflexology and energy work.

Stromatolite – promotes personal growth and flexibility. Good for any use.

Sunstone – activates optimism and joy. Good for any use.

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Crystal wands are versatile and are a useful addition to any crystal collection. As with any crystal, you can also use them for meditation. For our full range of crystal wands, please click here.