Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Ancient Elixir for Weight Control and Internal Cleansing

Magic ingredients: 

1. Honey: Due to its 1:1 ratio of fructose to glucose, honey is the ideal food that fuels the liver, keeping blood sugar levels balanced, letting your recovery hormones get on with burning fat stores. Fructose lowers the Glycemic Index of glucose by entering the liver and opening the gate for glucose entry, preventing a rapid rise in blood glucose.

2. Honeybee pollen is the richest source of vitamins found in Nature in a single food. Made by honeybees from floral pollen mixed with nectar and bee enzymes, it contains nearly all nutrients required by humans. Bee pollen is a complete food, rich in protein, free amino acids, vitamins, including B-complex, and folic acid. About half of its protein is in the form of free amino acids that are ready to be used directly by the body. 

3. Sea Buckthorn berries
: With an intense biodynamic power, they can be considered a “multivitamin”, containing 190 biologically active nutrients: vitamins A, B1, B2, C, D, E (tocopherols), K, P, carotenoids, flavonoids, amino acids, phenols, folic acid; essential fatty acids, omega 3, 6, 7 and 9 together, SOD- the most important enzyme to prevent free radical damage to cells. it gives a kick-start to our metabolism, increasing thyroid activity; it lowers levels of C-reactive protein, associated with inflammation;

4. Spices: Cinnamon and cardamom stimulate energy, igniting the digestive fire. The mix of cardamom and sea buckthorn clear the stomach of toxic waste stagnation.
What other effects does this elixir have on us? (if taken consistently for a few weeks, before meals or as a snack, with fresh fruit)

1. Decrease the risk of heart disease: the flavonoids in all ingredients cause the coronary cardiac vessels to dilate, facilitate blood circulation and slightly lower the blood pressure.

2. Decrease the glycemic index and the risk of diabetes: the natural blood glucose regulator found in honey as well as fruit and vegetables regulate blood glucose levels and stabilize blood glucose to maintain a regular supply of glucose to the brain.
3. Decrease cholesterol level: the phenols in the spices

4. Anti-inflammatory: Omega 3 fatty acids, carotenoids and Phytosterols in Sea Buckthorn

5. Anti-aging – anti-oxidants from all components ensure a strong protective effect from the damaging oxidation of free radicals.

Food fads and roller-coaster diets end up doing more harm than good, starving the body of balanced nutrition and nourishment needed to build healthy cells and tissues. 

What causes the magic? How does it help with weight control? This combination of honey, bee pollen, spices and a super berry has a thermogenic effect, mobilizing the extra fat deposited in the body, allowing it to be utilized as energy for normal functions.

How does it help with cleansing and detoxification? Sour and bitter flavors encourage the bile to move and flush toxins out of the liver to the relief of your newly cleansed liver cells.

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