Monday, February 24, 2020

A Cleansing Fast

A.cleansing fast of one day will begin the good work it allows the body to eliminate its burden of waste.

1. First Day. No food of any kind is to be taken during g this fast.
Pure distilled water with the juice if fresh lemon or orange is added in the portion of 1% juice and 99% water
Should be taken freshly a glass full every hour or two hours as desired.

2 On the second day  diluted fresh fruit juice lemon orange or grapefruit may be taken in proportion of t0% juice to 50% water a glass full every hour during the day.
3. On the third day a.cleansing fast of fresh fruits is indicated. You can eat abundantly your choice of any of the following fresh juicy fruits
Apples, peaches, pears papaya, grapes, plums apricots nectarines, persimmons cherries fresh fish spores oranges Texas pink grapefruit,  melon all kinds. No other foods are to be eaten during this third day if cleansing. Fresh fruits are the most eliminating of all foods and have the highest electrical  vibration. They should be eaten in their natural, unfired tree ripened state..
Avoid eating fruits sprayed by chemical poisons.non sprayed organic fresh fruits only.
Only one kind d of fruit is eaten at a.meal however as much fruit may be eaten as is desired . Meals may be spaced  three hours apart and a different t kind  of fruit eaten at each meal so that variety is obtained in that manner. The electrical energy of life is transmitted by nature to all living plants and is very abundant in juicy ripe fruit. All fruits is in it's natural uncooked state filled with vital highly electrified organic always attract more life. Juicy fruits are bathing the cells of the body internally with a cleansing organic water. It is far superior to ordinary drinking water which being inorganic is harmful.

4 On the forth day returns  to the diet of  fruits nuts sprouts and vegetables.
By practising thus cleansing g diet every month you will be amazed and delighted by the rapidity of your physical improvement. Human dis ease is named lifetronic depletion. The electric power of the human body is run down. This is because of the bullish attempt of man to change his normal environment into an abnormal one.
Man does that  by refusing to exercise, avoiding the sunlight, cooking his food, eating g foods for which his alimentary tract are  not adapted.and thinking negatively. 

All of these practices are contrary to the Nature's laws of harmony and clig the body with impurities. This prevent a  normal intake of enough life energy to vitalize and regenerate the body cells. Body mind and soul should be cleansed of obstructed that the spirit of the self can function freely and joyfully.  So the true purpose of life will be revealed to man.


Valiant Thor's Venusian Health Magic: The Vitality of Vril

by Valiant Thor, Gray Barker

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